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About Kawaii Berry

The journey began since we were young being in love with the Japanese culture. At a later age we visited Japan and became completely obsessed. Everything in Japan is so cute, even the smallest items. We began researching on Japanse Fashion and trends, and from there on our mission began, a single simple mission which is to supply you with a vast array of unique products. When it comes to cuteness and Japanese fashion, we at Kawaii Berry own the bragging rights. We work day and night with excitement to add the newest and unique products to our wide range of collections. We do not just celebrate the wonders of Japanese cuteness; we convert it into a lifestyle that everyone deserves. What more? If you have any questions, please contact us we are happy to help you out!

It is about confronting the tediousness of life with tangible creativity and fun, it is about seeing the brighter side of life and living in it’s reality.




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